Sep 28

New Balance Running Shoes – The Best Online Deals

New balance running shoes are probably the most comfortable and stylish shoes now available. The designer has a whole range of shoes for all types of athletes. Whether it is an offroad, track and field or competition shoe you are searching for, you will find a New Balance shoe to cater for your requirements.

For training requirements, New Balance have over 15 models all of them designed to offer comfort while preparing for your forthcoming event. Moreover, all of them incorporates different technologies in an attempt to give you liberal choice. Below, we highlight some the technologies used in New Balance shoes manufacture.

Stabilicore inside support system provides an excellent and smooth transition from the heel to toe. N-ergy in the heel offers advanced shock absorption and cushioning, making your ride smooth and comfortable. The LockDown Liner which is integrated into lacing offer a custom fit allowing your fit to breathe. The dual density collar incorporates both firmer density foam for support and softer density foam for cushioning. This results in a soft touch of the shoe around the foot.

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Sep 27

Life Lessons from Running My First Marathon

I have run nine marathons so far in my life and each was an amazing experience in itself. However, none of the marathons I have run compares with the experience of running my first one. It was one of those events in life you never forget. I would like to share with you that experience and the life lessons I learned from it.

Many years ago I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish sometime in my life. On my list were things like traveling around the world, getting a pilot’s license, running a marathon, and visiting the pyramids of Egypt. I put the list away and promptly forgot about it.

A few years ago my wife found my list and was surprised to know that I had a desire to run a marathon. She stole my goal, trained for it and ran a marathon. I was totally amazed that she actually did it. In fact, I was so impressed I said to myself, if she can do it so can I. And I did.

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Sep 23

International Origins of Algebra

Algebra is one of the primary branches of advanced mathematics for high school. It is curious to know that Islamic culture has become the center for development of this form of advanced mathematics, crediting the medieval Persian mathematician named Muhammad Al Kwarizmi. In fact, the advanced branch of mathematics called algorithm was derived straight from his family name. The ancient codex called The Compendious Book of Calculations by Completion and Balancing becomes the prototype reference for every standard algebra textbook used today like Glencoe Algebra 2 Chapter 2 1and 11 Maths Solutions Book. The Arabs may have been the central figure in single-handedly cultivating algebra, but they were neither the earliest nor the only developer of this branch of mathematics.

The earliest proponents of algebraic method of calculation were first developed by the Babylonians. But they were not after the exact solutions per se, but rather equivalent approximations. Their main concern was solving quadratic and cubic equations. Egyptians are also a key civilization in developing pre-Islamic algebra, with their focus directly concerning basic linear equations.

Although it is widely believed that ancient Greeks have no algebra, history proved that they made great contributions to this branch of mathematics during the era of Plato and Aristotle. The Greeks incorporated geometry in their rudimentary algebraic equations and were credited for discovering three basic components such as the elements, the data and the conic sections.

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Sep 23

When Should I Replace My Running Shoes

While there is no simple calculation as to how long a pair of running shoes will last there are a number of factors to consider in how long a shoe will last you. Here are a few rules of thumb when trying to determine if you need to replace your shoes.

Typically, most runners will be able to log 500-800 kilometers on a pair of shoes. The best way to calculate the number of kilometers put on your shoes is to keep an accurate training log of your distance. It’s important to calculate additional kilometers if you plan to wear your shoes for more than just training purposes. Be alert if you start to feel any knee or shin pain as that might also mean it’s soon time to replace the shoe.

The weight of the runner is another contributing factor as well as any pre-existing foot conditions. There is some difference to be found in a heavier runner and it is not completely uncommon for a heavier individual to place more wear on the structure of the shoe. This also can include people who strike the ground harder than most. Keeping an eye on the wear of the sole of the shoe can help determine how much wear and tear you are putting on them.

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Sep 21

Tips To Stay Motivated When Running!

Motivation does not happen by itself. Just as you plan to run, so you need to plan how to become and remain motivated. Motivation can be improved in the following ways:

1. Record your Running

Log management is an excellent way of monitoring progress and maintaining motivation. Simply write a few sentences in a notebook after each run. Record the date, time and mileage run and a couple comments about how you felt during the run. Your notes will show how much you progressed and give you an even bigger boost.

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