Oct 30

Nike Running Under The New Rules

Facing the new market trends and business rules, marketing is king, Nike had a positive adjustment.
The business community there is a quite interesting phenomenon: the decline because of the lack of competitors, or because the opponent’s strong and powerful.

Nike is the latter. The merger of Adidas and Reebok did not make it look not only born of confidence, but it stirred up more high morale. Early this year, it raised 2011 revenue to increase to $ 23 billion, and in three years to open 100 new stores worldwide. Took less than two years made no secret of Nike CEO Mark Parker said: “leadership is what we do best.”

September 20, Nike announced first-quarter report from another point of view reflects the strength of the sportswear giant. The report shows that Nike quarter net income rose 51 percent to $ 569 million. Nike just last year even without considering the end of the turbulent transfer of power, as well as the foreign aggression from Adidas, this performance can be considered quite good.

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Oct 29

Slippery Silicone Antifouling for Sailboat Running Gear

There has been much discussion of late about these revolutionary applications for better antifouling of props, shafts and any under water metal fittings of a sailboat or yacht. There are various products on the market and the latest variations that are worth looking at are silicone based and give a very slippery finish to your running gear.

Everyone is looking for improved product performance and also applications that are environmentally friendly and do not leach or allow toxic chemicals into our oceans.

These products work on the principle of the silicone polymer finish being so slick that all those little guys that want to clamp themselves onto your running gear just cannot get a toehold, fall away again in frustration, leaving your prop, shaft and any other metal skin fittings underwater, clean. We all understand the benefits of clean running gear – no fouling, increased speed of your vessel and the corresponding saving of fuel. In addition, with most of these products we can add the additional benefit of no detrimental effect on the environment.t

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Oct 28

The New High-tech 1906 New Balance Men’s Running Shoes

The 1906 is an important model in the New Balance lineup. The model name takes after the year the company was founded. The shoe model as important as this one, you’d expect to be the company’s flagship, and to use the best they have to offer. So they do – and these are positioned to be the ultimate running machines your money can buy, outfitted with N-ERGY cushioning throughout to improve on the shock absorption that normal foam underpinnings coud never bring you. Let’s take these New Balance men’s running shoes on and see if they run as well as they seem capable on paper.

New Balance has tried to make these shoes look the part for being the company’s flagship model, and they certainly succeeded. The Dual Density collar, the Lockdown Liner and the Abzorb Strobel sock certainly give these shoes a muscular take-no-prisoners look. For the money, they certainly give you something substantial – the pair weighs in at about a pound and a half.

The first thing you notice about the technology that goes into these New Balance trail running shoes is that they are built on the proprietary New Balance PL1 system that the company is using on its top of the range models. The fact that the lace-up system employs SureLace is evident too, and it’s all really plush and confidence-inspiring (if you haven’t had the pleasure of using these before, the laces have an uneven pattern on them to make sure that they don’t slip once you have tied them up).

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Oct 26

New Nike Running Shoes

Nike was formed in 1972, and over the course of the last four decades has evolved into the worlds leading supplier of running shoes and sporting apparel. The brand is recognizable across the globe for its trademark swoosh logo.

Nike Spring 2009 Collection

In launching their Spring 2009 collection, Nike has continued to focus on the four main running shoe categories: stability, cushioning, lightweight and motion control. Nike also understands that runners come in many different shapes and sizes, and so they have different requirements from their running shoes.

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Oct 23

Saucony Running Shoes Sale – Where To Get Them For Cheap

If you’re looking for a Saucony running shoes sale with low prices, you’re not alone. Many runners want these comfortable, high-performance shoes, and they want them at a great price with no hassle.

Saucony Shoes Have Great Cushioning and Style
The Saucony ProGrid Ride, one of Saucony’s best sellers, for example, is a flexible running shoe with lots of cushioning and style. The flexibility of this high performance sneaker aids in both comfort and speed. The amount of cushioning inside will help keep your feet stable on the track, and the great style will keep you looking good whether you’re training or racing.

The Progrid Kinvara is one of the newest shoes in the line and is meant for racing. It is minimally designed, giving you exactly what you need for speed and nothing more. It provides just enough cushioning and structure in a light weight design to keep you flying down the track. The streamlined design translates well to its style, giving it a fast, sleek appearance.

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